Almost to the trail—Venice to Trieste to Muggia

We arrived in Trieste yesterday evening via a two hour train from Venice. We haven’t explored the town much, but got to see a bit of it on the 1.5 mile walk from the station to our air bnb. Narrow winding streets, scooters zipping around, tiny cars parked so close together on the street it baffles me how anyone gets in or out of their parking spaces. I’ve been in Italy less than 24 hours and already know I want to come back and really soak up the lifestyle (except for the smoking, does everyone in Italy smoke cigarettes?). But for know the goal is to get on the trail and start hiking. This morning we’ll take a half hour ferry to the town of Muggia where the Via Alpina red trail begins (or ends, depending on which way you walk). For us it’s the beginning of our journey. 36 miles on this trail will bring us across the border into Slovenia to where the Via Dinarica white trail begins. It’s beginning to settle in how ill-prepared I feel. While packing up my backpack last night and shopping for trail food I realized I’m not sure what to expect with this trail. How much water should I carry? How many days of food do I need? Why are the trail maps I downloaded to my phone disappearing randomly? I really don’t know how often we’ll be in towns or when we’ll come across water sources, but I’m ready to wing it and see what happens. From what I’ve read from previous hikers it seems that on most stretches of the trail a town can be reached every couple days. I’m hoping this is the case. To keep my pack weight down I don’t want to carry much food. I’m going stoveless because I’m not sure how available fuel will be, so I’m relying on a loaf of bread, peanut butter, cheese, sausage, and a few bars to get me through the first few days. I’m guessing this will be my trail diet for most of the hike, assuming I can find peanut butter in each town (fingers crossed!!).
Hoping to update again once we reach Predjama, Slovenia in a few days…


Flying over the Alps from London to Venice


Standard Grand Canal shot



Fruit stand in Venice


Simon and Express exploring Venice


Sleepy train ride to Trieste


Pasta and salad at our Trieste Air BnB

One thought on “Almost to the trail—Venice to Trieste to Muggia

  1. Love seeing your photos, Megs! I especially like the pic of the fruit stand in Venice…looks like a tempting selection! xoxo


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